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There is hard science behind everything Peak Teams™ does. That combination of a unique way of portraying and describing change and how to lead organizations in difficult environments to corporate environments and backing it up that with neuroscience brings a very, very different kind of leadership development capability to our organization.
Johnathan Martin, Chief Marketing Officer
I think what Peak Teams™ brings is the facilitation and that constant dialogue. I think it’s been very successful from my perspective and I don’t think we would be at this point without Peak Teams™ helping us drive that through. So it’s been a great partnership.
Eren Hussein, Director of Global Partner Marketing
The facilitators do an amazing job of engaging all different types of personalities throughout the room as well as bringing us back to that the core common goal of what are we here to achieve, what’s the task at hand, and why is it meaningful to me and why is it meaningful to IGT.
Jennifer Bowman, Marketing Director
There are no better facilitators in the business that I’ve experienced. There are no better people to bring into a meeting to keep it engaging, interesting, surprising, fun, and still incredibly valuable. If I wanted my people, my managers, to be really certified, excellent facilitators there was only one organization that I could count on that would be able to do that.
Joy King, Director, Learning & Development and Talent Management
Peak Teams™ has really helped us because it’s still about the people. And to me, if the people are engaged, if your team trusts each other, and they are committed to each other, then they are in a much stronger position to navigate the change.
Marc Olesen, Senior Vice President & General Manager
McAfee, Inc.
No question, it’s been one of the highlights of my career, and again it’s because of Peak Teams'™ commitment to us and walking through that journey.
Richard Walker, Senior Vice President
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In Climbing, as in Business, Trust is Everything Teetering on a tiny foothold 1,000ft above the ground, I stare down at my partner and yell in the most composed voice I can muster.“Watch me here Peter. I don’t feel good about this!”“I got you, Kev”, he hollers back, “You got this!”Peter is holding the rope I’m attached to - he’s my belayer. This thin piece of nylon between us defines trust and is the only thing that allows me to move in this terrifying place. If I fall, Peter will catch me. I know he will, my life depends on it.My leg trembles as I ease my full weight onto the tiny foothold. “Watch me here Peter,” I holler again. I slowly reach upwards to a handhold I’ve been spying for minutes. Almost there, I almost have it…almost…almost…crap, my foot is starting to