Peak Teams works with executives and their leadership teams to activate and amplify their leadership instincts through a blend of facilitating, speaking, and customized consulting that literally engages the hearts and minds of any team.

Our focus is on engaging and developing exceptional leaders, teams and top talent.

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Imagine a meeting that engages every member of your team. Peak Teams design and deliver meetings that activate organizations, and accelerate leadership behaviors. The result is improved performance and sustained engagement.

Our world class facilitating team starts with your business and people challenges. We work alongside your staff to create an environment where personal connections flourish and strategy becomes action. Drawing on our research in neuroscience, we’ve developed and apply a systematic approach to facilitating leaders that translates instinct into behaviors.

We model tools and behaviors your team and leaders can learn and master, including how to:

Manage a team’s energy through a proven formula of agenda design
Get people talking about the root of your business challenges
Build strong relationships within the team
Work through contrasting opinions to achieve resolution
Align &
Establish alignment
Focus on results
Our Engaging Equation and proven techniques to engage all styles of learning
Increase action and retention by anchoring key messages
A Peak Teams facilitated meeting maximizes ROI and delivers results that matter.
Our Customers Tell Us
What Peak Teams does, through the facilitation process, leveraging neuroscience research, tools, and amazing facilitators empower the team to speak, develop, align, and connect. In a simple yet tangible way, every leader in the room had a voice.
Vice President HR, Hewlett-Packard



Peak Teams speakers have been engaging and inspiring audiences around the globe for more than a decade.

Members of our team have stood on the summit of Mount Everest, skied first descents on all seven continents, sailed to Antarctica, trekked to the North Pole, explored wild ecosystems in Africa, and surfed some of the biggest waves on the planet. We combine amazing personal stories, spectacular imagery, and powerful business messages in a fully immersive experience.

Our adventure topics include:

All these stories can be explored via keynote, interactive workshop, or virtual adventure. Perfect for any audience from small executive groups to audiences over 3,000 people.

For those interested in the latest research about how our brains work, Peak Teams neuroscience speakers are ideal. Our team works with neuroscientists to unlock new information about the brain and provide keys to sustain long-term behavioral change. These new insights into how people lead are based in science not previously available. This powerful information can help us adapt and shape the new environment we live in.

Key topics on how neuroscience can help leaders of the future include:

  • Building Relationships
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Recognition and Feedback
  • Neuroleadership for New Leaders
  • Neuroscience for Sales Professionals
See our speakers in action
Matt McFadyen:
Polar Exploration and Sailing
Rex Pemberton:
Mount Everest and Climbing
Amy Posey:
Mark Mathews:
Big Wave Surfing



We are the leaders in leadership development. Our consulting work is different because we focus on solving people challenges first.

Peak Teams partners with you, and your team, over both short and longer timeframes to amplify and scale leadership across the business. We take the time to understand you and your business and customize our solutions for your specific challenges. Igniting behavioral change is core to what we do.


Our range of consulting services includes:

We are the leaders in leadership development.