Our Themes

Our Themes
Our adventure-based themes take participants out of their comfort zones and maximize learning opportunities. These themes address common business challenges and opportunities. Contained within each theme are multiple metaphors, all focused on leading through a changing environment.

Peak Teams has a range of complementary content within each metaphor. This means we can deliver stand alone events as well as design longer-term programs that provide lasting results for clients.
Thank you for a truly inspiring day! The impact you guys have had on our people will carry forward and permeate the organization long beyond yesterday, as we set out as a team to lead Liquidnet towards the summit of our new vision.
Todd Cherches
Liquidnet Holding Inc, New York
  1. Mountain


    Filmed in New Zealand, Mt Everest, Antarctica, the US and across the world, the mountain metaphor is ideal for businesses dealing with:
    • Vision,
    • Change,
    • Culture,
    • Developing & maintaining guiding principles,
    • Reaching for big audacious goals,
    • Globalization,
    • Effective teamwork, and
    • Risk management.
  2. Africa


    Filmed in South Africa and Botswana, our African themed content is ideal for companies working on:
    • Complex ecosystems,
    • Effective communication,
    • Cross-functional collaboration,
    • Inter-dependent teams,
    • Developing trust,
    • Managing handoffs and transitions,
    • Developing long-term sustainable relationships, and
    • Culture.
  3. Ocean


    Filmed in Australia, Europe, Hawaii, and the the South Pacific, our ocean themed content focuses on:
    • Leading change,
    • Strategy and execution,
    • Leading virtual teams,
    • Presenting to executives,
    • Focusing on the customer,
    • Teamwork,
    • Celebrating progress,
    • Decision making, and
    • Maintaining balance in turbulent times.